Mobile App Review: fit8

I researched and selected an app to use in the effort for better health. I looked at three different apps with slightly different purposes. I selected the fit8 app to download and try. I have started making use of it and am really looking forward to continued use! You have the choices to modify your workouts and the meal plan. I am super impressed with the multitude of selections available for the meals. I did pay for the service this app provides and am not being compensated in any way.


My Mobile App!


Author: joni fesler

Hi! My name is Joni Fesler. This blog is a chance for me to talk about "My Lab Rats"! It will cover a broad scope of experiences that I have subjected my family to. Some experiments have great results, and like all experiments, some do not go well at all. The family consists of my husband, three daughters, and son. The term lab rats was dubbed by the family years ago during a time frame when there were more unsuccessful recipes being tried! The name has stuck over time and this gives us a chance to share some of these experiences.

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