Healthy Food Choices

To day I am going to share some resources that I have found that discuss healthy food choices, what they are and how to find them. The world we live in promotes so many “healthy foods” that are processed and are not what nature provides us.


Dr’s. Nutrition by Dr. Stephen Lewis and his wife Janet. I found this on Podbean.  Here:Doctors Nutrition Texas

In the podcast Fake Food put on by Dr. Stephen Lewis and his wife discuss some of the issues facing their clients. Some of the foods that are covered as not being what they are stated as being are tilapia, olive oil, red snapper, beef, and Parmesan.  Check it out!

Health, Nutrition and Functional Medicine - Dr. Ruscio Radio

Health, Nutrition, and Functional Medicine with Dr. Ruscio and his guest Allison Schaaf.  Here: How To Extend A Healthy Diet To The Entire Family With Allison Schaaf

In this podcast, Dr. Ruscio and his guest Allison Schaaf discuss the many benefits of meal planning. Among the benefits are better family time, less meal stress, and healthier meals. By planning your meals weekly, you are able to shop and prep ahead of time and avoid unhealthy choices.

News sources:

I have subscribed to the newsletters through

Go to link is here:

I chose to receive newsletters from. The range of topics that are covered that relate to the areas of interest for my blog is fairly comprehensive. The articles range from recipes, meal planning, exercise, travel, sickness, sleeping,  and  health.

I have downloaded the Harvard School of Public Health App.

For Android here: Android Harvard School of Public Health App. For apple here: Apple Harvard School of Public Health

I have downloaded the Harvard School of Public Health App. It covers a broad variety of topics ranging from gun safety, hand washing, nutrition recommendations, and exercise guidelines. It provides this information in many formats including text, audio and video with the options to download content and follow links.

The sites and sources I have listed here just touch the tip of available resources that are available in regards to healthy foods and related information. I look forward to sharing with you what I have done for myself and my family in relation to some of these topics in my experimentation of health!



Author: joni fesler

Hi! My name is Joni Fesler. This blog is a chance for me to talk about "My Lab Rats"! It will cover a broad scope of experiences that I have subjected my family to. Some experiments have great results, and like all experiments, some do not go well at all. The family consists of my husband, three daughters, and son. The term lab rats was dubbed by the family years ago during a time frame when there were more unsuccessful recipes being tried! The name has stuck over time and this gives us a chance to share some of these experiences.

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